Metallurgic Mastery: Silver

Style: Without Tin
Colour: Silver
Sale price£31.99


Unleash your inner blacksmith with Metallurgic Mastery, a fierce 7-piece silver dnd dice set that will make you feel like a master of the forge! These dice are adorned with sharp spikes and intricate shapes, adding a touch of danger to each roll. The unique design and metallic finish make them stand out on the gaming table. With their weight and feel, they are perfect for those who demand precision in their rolls. Whether you're a seasoned blacksmith or a daring adventurer, these dice are perfect for you.

Each full solid metal 7 piece set contains one D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and percentile dice.

Please be aware this product is not compatible with the Metal Tin of Holding or the Hexagon Presentation Box.

Every order is packed in a secure, padded envelope making them extra safe during delivery.

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail.

If you have any questions about this set, or any of our other sets, do let us know and get in touch!

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