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Dungeon Master's Screen 2024Dungeon Master's Screen 2024
Dungeon Master Guides 2024 with text that reads "includes free random dice set"Dungeon Master Guides 2024
Monster Manual D&D 2024 with text that reads "includes free random dice set"Monster Manual D&D 2024
Players Handbook D&D 2024 with text that reads "includes free random dice set!"Players Handbook D&D 2024
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Why Metal Dice?

Get ready to roll your way to victory with our amazing metal DnD dice! Once we tried them out, we were hooked and couldn't go back to the less satisfying sound of plastic dice rolling across the table. The weight, the balance, and the satisfying sound of a natural 20 - it's all just too good to pass up. Plus, finding metal dice in the UK can be a real challenge, so we made it our mission to change that. We've scoured the Dice Dungeon to bring you the best and most beautiful treasures for your gaming sessions. Just don't blame us if you still roll those pesky natural ones - they're just part of the game!

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Level Up Your Game

DND Players Travel CaseDND Players Travel Case
DND Players Travel Case
Sale price£36.99
Battle Mat Of CombatDry erase whiteboard battle map with 1 inch grid.
Battle Mat Of Combat
Sale price£37.99
DND travel bag side view DnD travel bag with battle map
DND Travel Bag Of Hoarding
Sale price£74.99
Hexagon Box openHexagon Box Of Everything
Hexagon Box Of Everything
Sale price£17.99
dnd dice scrolldnd dice scroll close up
Scroll of Many Things
Sale price£9.99
several dnd dice traysdnd dice tray blue
Dice Tray Of Folding
Sale price£9.99

Why Resin Dice?

Experience the beauty and exclusivity of hand-crafted resin D&D dice! These dice are a stylish and lightweight alternative to metal dice, and their unique design adds an extra element of flair to your gaming sessions. Plus, resin dice are known for their long-lasting shine, making them a great investment in the long run. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting out, our hand-crafted resin dice are sure to bring an extra level of excitement to your game. Give them a try and see for yourself why they're a fan favourite!

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dnd dice resin group photo
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Supporting the TTRPG Community

Being from the UK we feel it is important for us to support the UK TTRPG community to help it grow and further find its voice within the space. If you are a UK based content creator within the scene and want to work with us, please get in touch via social media @DiceDungeonUK or email.

Current Partners: We Speak Common

Welcome Adventurer!

It appears your travels have brought you here into the depths of the Dice Dungeon for that perfect DnD dice set you are looking for. Don’t worry the Dice Dungeon is home to a high-quality selection of our favourite metal dice. Our adventuring parties work tirelessly to bring you high quality RPG dice sets from across the lands and seas, so you are fully equipped for adventure. We are a UK based company who strive to make metal dice sets more accessible for players of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, fans of Critical Role and other RPG dice games. We ship worldwide and aim to help keep all you DnD dice goblins happy! Not all games require the same dice set, nor do their players like the same colour of DnD dice. Lucky for you we have a wide range of styles and colours that will be perfect for your next RPG dice rolling adventure.