Happy Holidays

Dear adventurers,

We want to provide you with the Dice Dungeon's shipping guidance for this joyful season. Please be aware that this guide serves as a reference and does not guarantee Christmas delivery, as there may be shipping delays with the services we utilize.

Outlined below are the current recommendations from Royal Mail, our trusted shipping provider. To account for potential delays, we have extended their suggested final posting dates by an additional 2 days. It's essential to understand that these dates are not a guarantee of timely arrival; they are simply a helpful reference. As always, we encourage you to place orders for holiday gifts, whether for yourselves or your loved ones, as early as possible.

If you find that you've missed these cutoff dates or have concerns about your gift's arrival, fear not! We have the Dice Dungeon Gift Card of Wonder readily available to rescue you from any disappointment.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your orders and wish you a truly splendid festive season.

With appreciation for your support throughout the year,
Ben and Dave
The Dice Dungeon

Last recommended shipping date for delivery in time for the holidays 

Saturday 16th December United Kingdom
Saturday 9th December Africa, Central and South America,
Asia, Australia, Bulgaria, Caribbean,
China (People’s Republic), Far and Middle East,
New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain
Sunday 10th December Cyprus and Malta
Monday 11th December Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Eastern Europe, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland,
Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA


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