D&D Limited Edition Logo Medallion

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Elevate your passion for Dungeons & Dragons to the next level with our exquisite Silver Ampersand Medallion. This limited-edition masterpiece is a true collector's gem, with only 9,995 units available worldwide. Each medallion is meticulously numbered individually, adding a unique touch to your collection.

Key Features:

🎲 Limited Edition: Join an exclusive group of enthusiasts with one of just 9,995 medallions in existence.

🎲 Individually Numbered: Your medallion is more than just an accessory; it's a unique piece of art, with its own distinct number on the back.

🎲 Stunning Silver Finish: Crafted with a captivating silver-coloured metallic sheen, it's a reflection of your passion for D&D.

To make your display and storage even more convenient, we've included a sleek stand. Showcase your love for the game in style with this limited-edition Dungeons & Dragons Ampersand Medallion.

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