The Magnus Archives x Rusty Quill Gaming Dice Bundle

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**PROVISIONAL RELEASE MAY 2024**  (this is an estimate only)


Fans of both The Magnus Archives & Rusty Quill Gaming? This bundle is a great way to save money by purchasing both the "The Entities" and the "We're Still Working On The Name" dice sets together.

The Entities

The Magnus Institute, London. An organisation dedicated to studying the esoteric and the weird. The Institute and its employees take care of a collection of statements from the general public, documenting terrifying experiences they can’t explain. Strange figures in dark alleys. A new door where one had never been before. The feeling of being watched.

Individually, each encounter recorded in the statements is unsettling. Together, they’re a tangled web of something much, much larger.

The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast following Head Archivist, Jonathan Sims, as he attempts to organise this collection of statements. The deeper he delves, the more he discovers about the powerful beings behind fear. You can listen to the whole of The Magnus Archives from the beginning on the Rusty Quill website. A continuation of the series, The Magnus Protocol, will begin to release in January 2024.

This limited edition set of “The Entities” polyhedral dice and exclusive D16 feature icons designed by April Sumner representing fourteen disparate entities categorised by Robert Smirke in the series, and the theoretical fifteenth fear hypothesized by Adelard Dekker.
Each poly 7 piece set contains one D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and a percentile dice. In addition, the exclusive D16 die completes this unique set.

'We're Still Working On The Name'

It all began in an inauspicious alleyway in London. Four adventurers found themselves tangled in up in a mystery, but none of them knew how deep it ran. Rusty Quill Gaming is an actual play podcast, set in an alternate version of London (and the world beyond), where magic and machines work in harmony. This limited edition set of ‘We’re Still Working on the Name’ polyhedral dice feature icons representing every player and their character from the main campaign of Rusty Quill Gaming, designed by April Sumner. You can listen to the whole of Rusty Quill Gaming from the beginning at Rusty Quill Gaming.

Each poly 7 piece set contains one D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and percentile dice.

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