Tarnished Bronze

Style: With Tin
Colour: Bronze
Sale price£26.99


A well-crafted set of metal dice made as a show of skill from exotic materials.

Each 7 piece set contains one D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and percentile dice.

The party took on a quest to collect bronze dragon scales for a renowned smith so he may prove himself worthy of his ancestors. These bronze dice show the hard fought battles the scales have endured.

Seding a gift? All metal dice sets now have the option to be packaged in a metal tin, perfect for adding that extra special touch when sending a gift. Tins are also great for keeping your dice safe and secure whilst stored away until your next adventure.

Every order over £30 comes with free UK shipping and is packed in a secure, padded envelope making them extra safe during delivery.

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail.

If you have any questions about this set, or any of our other sets, do let us know and get in touch!

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