Koriel The Golden

Style: With Tin
Colour: Gold
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This metal dnd dice set is part of the Arcane Prison collection. To seal away the evil powers in the arcane prisons, two adventures, the Wizard Orlo and the Paladin Galahad, set off to complete a powerful and ancient rite. They approached the wholly good race of the Ki-rin and sought an audience with their God Koriel. After hearing their call to banish evil, Koriel agreed to give his power and self to the ritual.

After the dust settled and the rite performed, Orlo and Galahad delivered Koriel the Golden, sealed in his own prison as payment for the powerful magic, to a resting place in the temple of the Ki-rin. It is said that in their own demi plane, sealed away from all in the Arcane Prisons, Koriel fights the endless battle against the ancient evils Gaius, Trida and Nox.

Listen closely as you roll the golden arcane prison. Some say you can hear the thunder of thousands of Ki-rin stampeding with every roll.

Each full solid metal 7 piece set contains one D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and percentile dice.

This metal set is cast in zinc and coloured with bright gold inking. The vibrant colours of this poly set make them stand out from all sides of the table.

Sending a gift? All metal dice sets now have the option to be packaged in a metal tin, perfect for adding that extra special touch when sending a gift. Tins are also great for keeping your dice safe and secure whilst stored away until your next adventure.

Every order is packed in a secure, padded envelope making them extra safe during delivery.

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail.

If you have any questions about this set, or any of our other sets, do let us know and get in touch!

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