Dice Dungeon & We Speak Common Join Forces!

It is with great pleasure that The Dice Dungeon can announce a brand new sponsorship of the We Speak Common Podcast.

We Speak Common is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons podcast aimed to represent the UK market for the hobby that welcomes first timers to the well-seasoned Dungeon masters. It covers topics from game mechanics and story crafting to character development and narrative structure and has been running since October 2018.

Dice Dungeon - “ We are very excited to begin our partnership with We Speak Common. We have been following them for a while and have been very keen to work with them. Their podcast is very well produced, with great discussion and excellent tips for D&D players and DM’s alike. You always come away feeling like you have learnt something new about the game. As with Dragon Wings (our other sponsor) it was important to us that we support the UK scene to help it grow and continue to find its voice so it's great to bring them on board.”

We Speak Common - “We are extremely excited to be working with The Dice Dungeon. Our mission has always been to show the community that the UK loves D&D and TTRPG’s, and partnering with others in the UK to help spread that message is so important to us. We love their dice and the community focuses they have, it couldn’t be a better fit.”

The We Speak Common podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify & Anchor with a new episode releasing every Thursday. You can find out more about them at https://wespeakcommon.com.

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