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Myself and the players at our regular home game, in a small town near Leeds in the UK, have been using metal dice for over four years now and haven’t looked back since. The first set I owned was a bronze 7 piece set, very similar to the Tarnished Bronze set that we sell in our store. Their sharp edges, heavy weight and the shine from the metal, set them apart from those that are plastic, not to mention the baby bronze dragon I had as a pet in our game. They also feel so satisfying to roll, especially the D20. We know a lot of you will be buying your first metal set so undoubtedly have a lot of questions. Let’s try and address some of those here:

How long do metal dice last?

Metal dice don’t take too much looking after, if you look after your dice with good care and some simple cleaning, you shouldn’t have any worries about their longevity as they are very hard wearing. Just don’t let the doggo get hold of them!

Are they weighted unfairly?

Metal dice are made using casts, that have been made perfectly using machines. With this in mind there should be no reason why your dice roll with any bias. So don’t blame your dice for your bad rolls!

Will they damage your table?

This is a hard one and kind of depends on what surface you are playing on. From our personal experience, we have never had any issues because we always use a dice tray, which we would always recommend using. Not just to prevent damage, it just stops that one player who always rolls the dice too hard off the end of the table… you know who you are.

Have we missed any questions?

Let us know your questions and we will do our best to answer them! You can get in touch either by the comments below or on our social media pages via the social bar.





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