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It appears your travels have brought you here into the depths of the Dice Dungeon for that perfect DnD dice set you are looking for. Don’t worry the Dice Dungeon is home to a high-quality selection of our favourite metal dice. Our adventuring parties work tirelessly to bring you high quality RPG dice sets from across the lands and seas, so you are fully equipped for adventure. We are a UK based company who strive to make metal dice sets more accessible for players of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, fans of Critical Role and other RPG dice games. We ship worldwide and aim to help keep all you DnD dice goblins happy! Not all games require the same dice set, nor do their players like the same colour of DnD dice. Lucky for you we have a wide range of styles and colours that will be perfect for your next RPG dice rolling adventure.


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blue sharp edge dnd dice set stackedblue sharp edge dnd dice set with tin
Plane Shard: Water
Sale price£37.49 Regular price£49.99
Snowman dnd dice set
Frosty The Snowman
Sale price£7.99
rainbow sharp edged dnd dice set stackedrainbow sharp edged dnd dice set with tin
Sale price£37.99
twlights gaze sharp edge dnd dice set red and blue stackedtwlights gaze sharp edge dnd dice set red and blue with tin
Twilight's Gaze
Sale price£37.99
Divine Reliquary dnd dice setdivine reliquary dnd dice set with tin
Divine Reliquary
Sale price£64.99
metal dnd dice

Why Metal Dice?

Once we discovered metal dnd dice, we were hooked and haven’t looked back since. The weight, the balance, the feel in your hand and the sweet sound of rolling that natural 20, you can’t beat it. It soon became apparent how hard it was to find metal Dice in the UK so we set on a mission to change this, so everyone can experience their beauty. With this in mind, we have delved deep into the Dice Dungeon to bring you the best treasures into your game but we must warn you, we can’t get rid of those pesky natural ones, sorry!

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Why Resin Dice?

We love metal DnD dice, but we understand they are not for everyone. Resin dice sets are our lightweight alternative containing a little extra flair than the basic acrylic sets. Resin D&D dice hold their shine for much longer making them a great long-term purchase, which is why we love them!

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resin dnd dice

Supporting the TTRPG Community

Being from the UK we feel it is important for us to support the UK TTRPG community to help it grow and further find its voice within the space. If you are a UK based content creator within the scene and want to work with us, please get in touch via social media @DiceDungeonUK or email.

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