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A Partnership with The Wandering Bards of Wildemount!

on February 12, 2021

It is with great excitement that we can announce today that The Dice Dungeon has joined forces with The Wandering Bards of Wildemount Podcast! The Wandering Bards of Wildemount is a podcast that follows 3 real-life bards as they play D&D and journey across the world of Exandria and through the continent of Wildemount, created by Matthew Mercer from Critical Role. All the music for the podcast is either composed/improvised and performed live during the game or recorded later by our musicians after the gameplay.  

D&D meets live music – sounds epic right?

We at The Dice Dungeon have always expressed our desire to help support UK TTRPG content creators grow and when Tariq, The DM for the campaign, approached us we knew we had to be involved.

A bit more about the cast:

  • Tariq Khawaja - podcast host, D&D enthusiast, and Critical Role fan from Brighton, UK. Tariq is the host for ‘The Movie Brew’ podcast and has run several games in The TTRPG space over the last 3 years.

The Wandering Bards:

  • Kat Carson - a versatile performer and teacher from Brighton, UK. Now living in Amsterdam, NL She is the co-founder of two ensembles and runs many musical projects alongside her work as a soloist.
  • Ricardo Alves Pereira - a multi-instrumentalist from Portugal who leads his audience to imagine stories through his musical narratives in various projects which he produces.
  • Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira - the founder of CordaSonora Productions and a musician hailing from Istanbul Turkey, based in Portugal with diverse experience in a variety of different musical styles and genres that expand from early music to jazz.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with The Wandering Bards of Wildemount. It is a unique idea with bags of potential. The UK scene is important to us and we want to do whatever we can to support it when the right opportunity arises.  We really love the concept and cannot wait to watch the first session this Saturday at 2pm GMT” said Ben, Co-owner of the Dice Dungeon.

"We're so excited to be creating stories and music in this world and we couldn't think of a better partner to launch our podcast with. I've been a fan and listener of other Dice Dungeon podcast partners like We Speak Common for a while and when I heard of their commitment promote and grow the UK TTRPG scene I felt I had to reach out. As a UK based DM and content creator it's really inspiring to have the support of a company like Dice Dungeon UK to help us share our stories and help the community grow.” Said Tariq, DM of the show.

You can catch the first episode this Saturday at 2pm GMT live over on Be sure to stop by and say hello to us in the chat!

You can also find The Wandering Bards on the following platforms!

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