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How to Play Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) Online

t’s hard to deny it’s been a strange year, and most of our D&D adventures have been taken from the warm, lively and tactile table surrounded by friends, to the cold, buggy and digital hands of video calls. Now don’t get us wrong, there are some really great ways to play D&D online! Virtual table tops, real time animated maps and things like D&D beyond all make for an amazing experience. But, if you’re coming from a world of minis, flowing conversations and physical dice it can be daunting to recreate the magic online. We always say that playing any D&D is better than playing no D&D, so here are three things to think about when taking your game online.
on November 09, 2020
Announcing: Dragon Wings Sponsorship!

Announcing: Dragon Wings Sponsorship!

The Dice Dungeon is delighted to announce an exciting new...
on April 06, 2020